3 Reasons Why speed typing is an essential skill & how to type faster

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Not unlike speed reading, speed typing is an invaluable tool in any professional writer’s toolbox. This is especially true to those who churn a lot of content, because the faster you type, the more money you will make.

Here are three reasons why speed typing is an essential skill and tips on how you can quickly learn to type faster.

Reason 1: Your time is worth is!

Time is the one resource we have that is finite. If it takes you half an hour to send one email, then that is time that you’ll never get back. For many occupations, the faster you type equivocates to the more money you’ll make. Speed typing is a lifelong skill that will help in every facet of your life, regardless of what you do at your day job. Plus, speed typing is skill which you can continually improve upon your whole life.

Do you need any more reasons to start speed typing?

Reason 2: Get cozy and go to work!

It should go without saying that you work better when you’re more comfortable. The same goes for typing. Make sure you’re sitting up straight, but allow your wrists to rest while your fingers are on the keyboard. Having them in the air inhibits your speed and is just plain uncomfortable.

Additionally, keep both feet on the floor and take breaks when needed. If your fingers or hands start to hurt, take a break! Straining yourself gets you nowhere, but pacing yourself will improve your strength. It takes time, but eventually you’ll need to take fewer rest breaks.

Once you’ve gotten a decent feel for where the keys are laid out, eliminate the habit of looking down while you type. For one thing, it prevents you from visually editing your copy in real-time, meaning more mistakes and more time wasted editing in the end. You’ll also learn the layout of the keys a lot faster since you are not taking any mental shortcuts.

Reason 3: Practice makes perfect!

The worst thing you can do is become complacent. Your typing skill can always get better as long as you’re balancing how fast you type with how correctly you type.

Test your speed routinely and set goals for the WPM you want to reach.

Once you’ve reached it, aim higher! Consider getting some coworkers or friends in on it and see who will reach the farthest. Whatever you decide to do, remember that typing is like any other skill out there: it requires practice, patience and time. Commit to improving it and you’ll get fantastic results.

Here is a great website to test your typing speed for free.