Real Life Drug Scandal Inspires Events in A Dead Game


After a highly coordinated, elaborate 20-month investigation conducted by the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Customs and South Lake Tahoe police, the undercover operation code-named "Deep Snow" led to the arrest of the drug dealing South Lake Tahoe mayor and his wife along with 17 others involved in their distribution ring, including a South Lake Tahoe chiropractor who was selling kilograms of cocaine to clients as “bottles of vitamins”. The workings of illicit drug trade centered in the resort communities around Lake Tahoe, with money and cocaine being shuttled among suppliers and dealers in Orange County, Palm Springs and San Diego.

These are the events that unfolded one warm, summer day back in ’89. The story is picked up in A Dead Game, a romantic suspense based on the true story of the drug lord mayor of South Lake Tahoe and his elaborate network of drug trafficking and money laundering.   

Mira West’s A Dead Game is based on her first hand experiences while working in a casino during the course of these events. The story unfolds in a captivating tale of romance, suspense, corruption and greed.

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