The Must-have Book for Entrepreneurs & Leaders

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The Must-have Book for Entrepreneurs & Leaders


The Must-have Book for Entrepreneurs & Leaders

The 3 Reasons Why Book of Money & Business brings a new kind of reference tool to the world – one that provides clear, concise and fact-based summaries of the world’s most discussed topics, past and present, for any reader to easily consume. 

Today’s world is awash in an endless array of information with no shortage of subjects on which you may choose to be informed. We have Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Reddit, Quora, YouTube and the list goes on and on. Do we even need a single reason for yet another source of information to add to all of the noise? Well, here are three reasons why.

1. Concise. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of information on the internet when all you need is the fundamentals. Stop yourself from becoming overstuffed on information, lest you become sick to your stomach. 

2. Factual. The internet is notorious for people presenting false information as facts. If you need to spend time researching the answers someone gave you to the question you just asked, you may find yourself in an endless spiral of internet research. 

3. Interesting. For every good “why” there is a reason, but is it the reason you were looking for, and is it interesting? 

Enter 3 Reasons Why, the only information platform where you ask the questions and we provide 3 concise, factual and interesting reasons. We believe that less is more and we strive to get past all of the noise in order to provide readers with 3 simple reasons.

The Problem
Ask yourself this: Why would anyone need 10, 15, 30 or more reasons to do anything? Do you really have the time to read a 50-step WikiHow article on a seemingly simple subject? 

Our Soluton
3RW is a platform to distill knowledge, avoid over complication and go straight to the point of providing readers with 3 Reasons for a variety of topics, including money, business, entrepreneurship, personal growth and just about anything that made you stop and wonder why. 

This is how most actions play out in the real world:
•1st time something happens, it’s an occurrence and you can usually ignore.
•2nd time it’s a coincidence and you can start paying attention.
•3rd time it’s a pattern, and you probably need to take action.

So, 3 is the magic number that turns an everyday occurrence into pattern, and “3 Reasons Why” is all you need. That’s why we made The 3 Reasons Why Book of Money & Business. 

The Mission
To do this, we assembled a team of exceptional writers and content creators, asked some very interesting and thought provoking questions, then we sifted through the internet’s oversaturation of information in order to bring you the most concise, factual and interesting 3 Reasons Why.

Our Team
Founder Fru Nde teamed up with technology guru Stephen Ngang and award-winning author Ryan Stabile to bring the idea to fruition. After several iterations on the project, 3ReasonsWhy was officially born. 

Need more reasons to buy The 3 Reasons Why Book of Money & Business?
1.Be the most interesting man or woman in the world. After reading The 3 Reasons Why Book of Culture, you will never short of interesting topics during a conversation. 
2.The more you know the more you grow. With 3RW, your knowledge and personal growth is limitless.
3.The potential is limitless. 3RW is an endless problem-solving machine and we won’t stop giving you reasons until there are no more “why’s”.

Find out more of the 3 reasons behind life’s biggest and littlest mysteries at the world’s largest source for knowledge,

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