Another easy way to gain exposure for your new book is through social media – the cheap and easy way to promote anything. Again, there are certain social media accounts, especially on Twitter, that are specific to each genre of book. Find the right account to help promote your book and be sure to make extensive use of hashtags. You’ll find that most people are very receptive to helping you promote your book through social media.

Other methods of promoting your book through social media include Facebook groups, Pinterest book groups, Google Plus group, LinkedIn groups and anything else related to literature. You can also add all of these social platforms in the back of your book in order for fans to easily reach out to you. Give details on how readers can connect with you via email, your author website or through social media.


Many authors today are now using Vine in promotion of their books. Vine is an app that allows you to make short video loops, and forces you to get to the heart of your message quickly. Fun to make and easy to share, your Vine videos can include a myriad of images and behind-the-scence glimpses of your writing process, your brand or even your personality.


As with the community marketing websites, you’ll want to build up a large following on each platform. The key with social media marketing, as with literary community marketing, is consistency. No one will become a fan of your books if you’re just going to drop by once in their digital reading group to promote your book and then be on your way. By forming authentic relationships with fans, readers and book lovers, you are able to simultaneously form a lasting social circle of fans and followers.


In the same mentality as doing book signings at local book stores, once you build up a solid fan base, you can host an author Q&A with Google Hangouts or on Twitter where you meet and greet and take questions from some of your biggest fans.


Lastly, you could also do readings from your book on YouTube and Vimeo. As with fans who spent a lot of time on different media platforms, you might be surprised who you are able to reach out to in order to make your fan base grow.


Find at least 3 books that share the same your target readership as your book. Follow the authors on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media as well as literary communities. Find out who is following them on each social media platform, then follow each and every one of their follower. Fans of that author will most often automatically start following you back, as is the nature of social media. Now, each time you send out a tweet or post on your own social media, your target readership will see it.


Here is a list of Twitter accounts to notify when you’re doing a book promotion. They will automatically retweet any ongoing book deals to thousands of thirsty readers.


@DigitalBkToday • @kindleebooks • @Kindlestuffs • @KindlebookKing • @KindleFreeBook • @Freebookdude • @free • @free_kindle • @FreeReadFeed • @4FreeKindleBook • @FreeKindleStuff • @KindleUpdates • @Kindleebooks • @Kindlestuff • @Kindlemysbook • @Kindle_Freebies • @100freebooks • @kindletop100 - @Kindleowners • @IndAuthorSucess • @FreeEbooksDaily • @AwesometasticBk • @Bookyrnextread • @Kindle_promo • @KindleDaily • @Bookbub


Here are hashtags to use on Twitter during book promotion, which will automatically be retweeted to book readers.:

#bookdeals • #free • #freekindle • #freebook • #kindlepromo • #freeebook #amwriting